Bellon Wrecking’s Redevelopment Process

Our pragmatic construction programming consistently creates on-time and within budget high quality demolition. Every Bellon Wrecking construction endeavor begins with an in-depth information collection for precision analysis, control and supervision from start to finish.

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Our Procedure

We decrease client spending and time by increasing project accuracy with pre-construction evaluations.

Pre-Revitalization Preparation

  • Assigned an Onsite Licensed Management Director and Architect
  • Advanced Safety and Asbestos Inspection
  • 3D Modeling of Structure to Predict Building Behavior
  • Define Budget and Vision for Schematic Designing
  • Complete Necessary Permit Acquisition

Rebuilding Management

  • Concise Reporting and Communication Powered by Onsite Demo Team
  • Ongoing Property Calculations to Ensure the Operation Accuracy and Equipment’s Movement
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Goal Setting for Best Timeline Accountability
  • Overseeing Traffic Flow Surrounding Project
  • Efficient Removal and Recycling of Hazardous and Building Remains

Bellon Wrecking’s onsite expert task force minimizes the impact of construction by-products including but not limited to noise, toxins and vibrations with vigilant environmental awareness.

Our colleagues and clients attest to our legacy of thoroughness, professionalism and outstanding structural outcomes. Review testimonials to see a snapshot of Bellon Wrecking’s success.

St. Louis Building Demolition Contractors

For numerous decades, Bellon Wrecking has been a St. Louis’ preferred demolition contractor for home remodeling, commercial construction and industrial revitalization. By incorporating cutting-edge technology, comprehensive planning and proactive safety strategy into our clients’ projects, we have continued to excellently transform spaces since 1972. Regardless if the project is interior, partial or an entire levitated revitalization, detailed preparation and application by our experts will give you the best result at the best cost.

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