Property Redevelopment Specialists

Professionally re-purposing an area for future property or real estate development requires a highly proficient and exceptionally trained construction team. With numerous decades of experience, Bellon Wrecking applies your vision to a custom and comprehensive revitalization plan that includes:

  • Inflexible Deadlines
  • Debris Removal
  • Full-Scope Project Insurances
  • Required Licensing
  • Traffic Management
  • Bi-Products of Construction
  • Building Codes
  • Contractor Permit Acquisition
  • Small Business Demolition
  • Eco-Friendly Commitment

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Our proactive safety approach, evaluation of clients’ goals and an exhaustive understanding of the area are the core elements Bellon Wrecking’s experienced team uses to meet deadlines and expectations. Since 1972, Bellon Wrecking has become St. Louis’ leading construction expert for the following redevelopment sectors.

St. Louis Property Rebuilding

Interior demolition or “gutting” removes specific inside components of a structure which can include flooring, bathrooms, roofs and walls to create a clean, strong shell for rehabilitation. Our Bellon Wrecking team utilizes industry-grade equipment and detailed demolish planning for complete and partial home remodeling projects.

St. Louis Commercial Redevelopment

Revitalization of a corporate area ranges from smaller projects like retail and banks to bigger properties such as hospitals and malls. Regardless of smaller scale updates or full upheavals, Bellon Wrecking’s commercial demolition services are methodically calculated by adept, seasoned staff for optimal results.

St. Louis Industrial Salvaging

Bellon Wrecking’s mastery of complex structure types allows us to support the expansion, selective or complete demo of public and private industrial spaces. Factories and plants commonly use hazardous materials to develop their products. Our safety approach and environmental awareness are pivotal pieces of our industrial demolition strategy.

No matter the span or budget of your upcoming construction, share your goals with Bellon Wrecking to learn how we will effectively revitalize your space. Your success is our success.

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