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Industrial demolition is the partial or full removal of structures used to create products such as chemical plants, breweries, distribution terminals, power plant retirement, manufacturing warehouses and oil refineries.

Bellon Wrecking’s licensed and highly trained team implements a multi-layer approach to skillfully prepare and perform industrial demolition projects. For several decades our engineers have masterfully crafted custom plans to execute small- and large-scale construction endeavors.

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Industrial Salvaging Experts

Complex in nature as well as time and material consuming, industrial revitalization demands unparalleled precision.

Bellon Wrecking specializes in:

  • Ground Analysis and Planning
  • Implosion Demolition
  • Safely Removing and Recycling Construction Materials
  • Salvaging Materials for Resale
  • Project Management
  • 3D Modelling and Comprehensive Mockups
  • Selective and Complete Leveling
  • Monitoring and Progress Evaluation

We can also provide the necessary assistance to properly guide an industrial facility through the decommission process. Scheduled shutdown, ceasing of operations, decontamination of equipment and stripping of machinery are important to the safety and success of the initial phase of industrial construction.

Bellon Wrecking’s dependable and best-in-class construction equipment expediates building removal with supreme accuracy. Our equipment fleet includes bulldozers, high-reaching hydraulic excavators, crane and elevated work platform.

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Industrial Demolition Safety

From a preliminary asbestos assessment to proactive accident prevention of the area, we use cutting-edge technology and leading scientific research to secure the project from all facets.

Bellon Wrecking’s revitalization approach maintains high environmental integrity for the current and future health of the surrounding area and those staff located on onsite.

No matter the budget or size of your upcoming construction, share your goals with Bellon Wrecking to receive a revitalization plan.

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