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Enduring Legacy of Success

Since 1972 Bellon Wrecking has established itself as a leading St. Louis renovation provider. Our seasoned onsite construction team and highly adept engineers continue to shape the Missouri landscape.

Bellon Wrecking’s legacy includes strong customer satisfaction and an impressive project portfolio. We meet tight deadlines, high expectations and respect budgets to produce exceptional spaces.


The Bellon Wrecking Difference

Our extraordinary performance standards are a result of precise calculations, planning, data and details.

Bellon Wrecking’s professional construction services include:

  • Eco-Friendly Commitment
  • Proper Debris Removal
  • Full-Scope Project Insurances
  • Attainment of Required Licensing
  • Traffic Management
  • Building Code Compliance
  • Contractor Permit Acquisition
  • Small Business Demolition

Experience You Can Trust

Bellon Wrecking does not just build renovation properties, we build confidence. Our methodical approach to safety protects the onsite crew, pedestrians and surrounding environment of the project.

We deliver:

  • Thorough Emergency Action Plans
  • Site-Wide Cleanliness
  • Asbestos Survey and Effective Removal
  • Ethical Waste Disposal
  • Reduce Common Construction By-Products such as Vibration, Noise and Pollution

Regardless of your budget or the size of your upcoming demolition, share your goals with Bellon Wrecking to receive a revitalization plan.


We were thrilled with the work of Bellon Wrecking. The excavator operator was amazing, doing very exact work in between two homes, without creating a mess. In addition, the senior operator was able to take down the entire building without so much scratching the fireplace mirror, knocking over the chimney stack. As I understand, anything that was or is recyclable, is taken downstream so it is even a sustainable-friendly process. All in all, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to have a “fresh start” to the building of our new home. We highly recommend Bellon Wrecking!

Andy R. , Ballwin, MO

McKelvey Homes entrusts Bellon Wrecking to work in our Custom Off-Site Division, to tear down existing homes in order to build a beautiful new custom home. Bellon is responsive, professional and delivers a clean lot after the home has been removed. Bellon helps with utility disconnects and permitting, which saves us a step in coordination. Bellon works well with our other contractors, regarding asbestos testing and abatement, when required. This Team relationship helps to provide a quick and professional process, which helps to get a house removed in the quickest timeline possible. The quicker we can get the existing house down, the quicker we can build someone their dream home. Bellon has been a great trade partner to work with in our Custom Off-Site Division.

Jeff L., McKelvey Homes

Saint Mary Magdalen in Brentwood contracted with Bellon Company to tear down an old convent on the property that was in such poor shape that it was deemed unable to be repaired.

Bellon tore the convent down. The parish project manager, Bob Kintz, worked closely with Bellon to tear down the convent but save the Chapel connected to the convent.

Saint Mary Magdalen could not have been more pleased with Bellon’s work. They followed all protocols for safety, carefully amputated the convent while keeping the Chapel that is used 24/7 by folks from all over St. Louis, removed all debris from the site, and filled the hole with dirt and graded it. And they did it all with a pleasant demeanor paying attention to the questions the parish had. And they did it for a very good price They did a great job and I could not be happier with their work!

Again, I could not be happier with their work!

Fr. Jack S., St. Louis, MO

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