Commercial Demolition

St. Louis Commercial Demolition

Bellon Wrecking has helped physically shape Missouri’s commercial landscape since 1972. We continue to be a preferred construction partner as a result of our reputation and impressive project track record.

Professional Commercial Construction Services

Commercial demolition is the partial or complete removal of structures with the goal of rebuilding or turning a property into its new venture.

This can include hotels, malls and offices. As a result of their grander size, commercial construction projects commonly require heavy equipment and could potentially benefit from an implosion approach.

In addition, commercial properties are typically located in close proximity to other buildings and can cause numerous visible and hidden threats. Bellon Wrecking has a history of navigating complex structures and their locations to affordably achieve the desired outcome.

Bellon Wrecking’s approach to commercial demolition demands precautionary and problem-solving risk assessments for:

Onsite Demolition Safety

Bellon Wrecking further ensures safety of the work zone, surrounding roads and public walkways by acquiring local permits. A few of our other safety systems include performing a full inspection of protective gear, machinery and equipment before use and an efficient debris removal process to ensure materials are moved to prevent onsite obstacles.


Commercial Revitalization Timeline

From a preliminary asbestos assessment to proactive accident prevention of the area, we use cutting-edge technology and leading scientific research to secure the project from all facets.

Bellon Wrecking’s revitalization approach maintains high environmental integrity for the current and future health of the surrounding area and those staff located on onsite.

No matter the budget or size of your upcoming construction, share your goals with Bellon Wrecking to receive a revitalization plan.